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Advice for travellers from out of town:

  • Airports, in order of ease of access to Pasadena: Burbank, LAX, Ontario, Long Beach, John Wayne/Orange County. LAX will probably have the most available flights, and it's easy to get to Pasadena from LAX.

We'll be arranging social events before and after the wedding. Pasadena is close to LA, and even if we can't go with you, there are tons of things to do in the area. Let us know if you can come a few days early or leave a little later!


Through Castle Green there is a discount for guests who want to stay at the Courtyard Marriot.

To make a reservation call either the Old Pasadena Courtyard at 626-403-7600 or Central Reservations at (800) 321-2211 and ask for the Teal and Brown Wedding group rate:

$94.00 for a King (1-2 people)
104.00 for a 2 x Queen (1-2 people)

For other options, here's a list of local hotels. Let them know you're visiting Caltech (we'll bring you by campus! ;) and you may get a discount. The Athenaeum is particularly nice, but we need to reserve it for you, so let us know.

Looking at reviews and at the hotels, the ones that we would recommend are:

  • Pasadena Inn
    There were quite a few good reviews for the Pasadena Inn, and it's fairly close to Old Town Pasadena and Castle Green where the reception is.

  • Saga Motor Hotel
    ~$65/night (say you're visiting Caltech)
    People who have visited Caltech have stayed at the Saga Motor Inn, and seem to have liked it.

  • Courtyard Marriot Pasadena
    (800) 321-2211
    ~$104/night (ask for the Teal-Brown wedding rate)
    The Courtyard Marriot is also close to Old Town and Castle Green and got good reviews. Also, since it's affiliated with Castle Green (see above), we think they'll have shuttles to and from Castle Green on the day of the wedding.

  • Westin Pasadena
    (626) 792-2727
    The Westin isn't as close to Old Town, but is nice and has a high rating.